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You May Be Asking...

What is 5-D Anyways? 


Simply put- the 5D reality is the reality of your most Authentic Self.

The space of no suffering.

The space that your inner voice has been trying to tell you actually exists.

The space of peace and rest from the weary journey you have been on.

It is your truest and highest version of Self.  

The one that will light up the world and allow you to easily claim abundance... in every aspect of your life. 

This course is designed to help you make radical shifts in a short amount of time...

How to call mountain to you, rather than climbing the mountain

How to make magic & miracles part of your day-to-day

This is THE most powerful manifestation technique you can master!

Are you with me?

Enter the 5D

There is a way out of the suffering... 

This course is for you if...

  • You‚Äôve started the ‚Äúhealing‚ÄĚ journey so you could feel better

  • You‚Äôre experiencing the growing pains of heightened awareness (what I call ‚Äúascension symptoms‚ÄĚ)

  • You‚Äôre starting to think this woke thing is overrated because you¬†aren‚Äôt¬†‚Äúfeeling any better‚Ä̂Ķ

  • You want to learn & master powerful manifestation tools & techniques


Imagine a World Where You...

  • Experience radical energy shifts towards being the calm and courageous you that you have always been.

  • Create deep change that lasts¬†

  • ¬†Learn tangible tools to help you make peace with all of you and end the suffering inside

  • Find a tribe of radically accepting and like minded people that will encourage you and cheer you on.

  • Learn how to find your internal authority to guide you with clarity and confidence.

  • Open yourself up to massive abundance and learn to change your external world by changing your internal world.

I'm Ready!

Entering the 5D World

5 Days, 5 Lessons, 5 Major Shifts



Participate in immersive workshops designed to deepen your understanding and accelerate your personal growth.

Tangible Tools

Gain access to practical tools that you can immediately apply to enhance your day-to-day and achieve lasting change.

Daily Challenges

Engage in daily challenges that inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and make meaningful, real-time progress every day. 

Transformative Discussions 

Join in on conversations that open your mind, expand your perspective, and connect you with a supportive community.  

Next Steps

Create a deeper change than simply in your mind as a concept.

For real change to occur it must be felt and then realized...

then it becomes who you are, not just what you do. 


Hi! I'm Wendy.

I'll be teaching you all about the 5D 


My name is Wendy Bunnell and I help find the patterns of disconnection and help others step into the world of unlimited possibilities and freedom.

The patterns that seem to be preventing you from that next level of expansion and growth. 

I have been there. I felt stuck for decades in patterns that kept me in a loop of getting the same results. It didn't matter what book, program, or "expert" I hired, the results were never very significant. 

That is because they were not "my" system. I didn't know how to tap into the inner knowing and clarity because it was blocked by too much distraction, external noise, and programs and beliefs from the past. 

When you are connected to yourself, others, and the divine.....

You move into a life of UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES.

Work With Me

You Started on this healing journey so you could feel better... 


But‚Ķyou may feel like this ‚Äúwoke‚ÄĚ thing seems pretty overrated‚Ķ

Because you aren‚Äôt ‚Äúfeeling better.‚ÄĚ

Relax….You aren’t doing it wrong.  You simply need to understand the stage you are in and then move beyond it- into true peace and contentment.

Just like a closet needing reorganized, you usually end up creating a bigger mess before it starts to unfold in the beautiful organization you expected and were hoping for.

But what do you do on the way through this mess?

What if you feel so overwhelmed and feel as thought you are swimming in a sea of thoughts, emotions, and chaos?

There is another way...

Let's Do This!

Others'  Experience

"After many years of trying different things, Wendy finally helped me heal my money story. Learning to step into and live in this new 5D world has completely transformed me! Going from a high stress, tired, and busy lifestyle with a scarcity mindset - to building a relationship with money that has created a sense of security, abundance, and so much fun. These huge shifts have had the ripple effect of bringing joy and peace into all areas of my life. "

-Alishia Devey, LMT

“Entering the 5D World Class helped me see what is available to me right now, today, without struggle or conflict. Everyday there were new tools guiding me back to myself, step by step. Wendy's gift of illuminating a new way of being is made possible through her enthusiasm and embodiment of the practices she teaches. She truly is a Wise Wild Woman."  "

-Allie Patterson

Mini-Course Content Preview:

Module 1

Defining the 5D World

In this module, we'll explore the fundamental concepts of the 5D world and how it differs from the 3D reality. You'll learn practical tools and techniques to shift from the fear-based, ego-driven 3D world to a heart-centered, harmonious 5D existence.

Module 2

Reconnecting In

In this module, we'll delve into practices that help you reconnect with your inner self and intuition, fostering a deeper sense of inner peace and clarity. You'll learn techniques for quieting the mind, listening to your heart, and tuning into your body's wisdom. By cultivating this inner connection, you'll enhance your ability to navigate life's challenges with grace and make decisions that align with your true essence

Module 3

5D Relationships

In this module, we'll explore how to cultivate heart-centered, harmonious relationships that reflect the principles of the 5D world. You'll learn to communicate with love and authenticity, fostering deep connections and mutual growth. By aligning your relationships with your highest self, you'll create partnerships that support your journey and elevate your collective vibrational frequency.

Module 4

5D Financial Freedom


In the "5D Financial Freedom" module, we'll explore how to align your financial life with the principles of the 5D world, embracing abundance and prosperity. You'll learn to shift from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance, attracting financial opportunities that resonate with your highest self. By integrating these principles, you'll create a flow of financial freedom that supports your purpose, elevates your overall well-being, and expands exactly who you already are. 

Module 5

True Authentic Self

In our final module, we'll delve into discovering and embracing your true self, free from societal expectations and limitations. You'll learn to connect with your core essence, expressing your authentic self with confidence and clarity. By living in alignment with your true nature, you'll experience greater fulfillment, joy, and a sense of purpose in all aspects of your life.

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July 28-August 2, 2024

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  • Transformative Discussions
  • Group Accountability
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  • So much more!
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  • Pre-Recorded Workshops
  • Daily Tools to Practice
  • Challenges to apply to YOUR life
  • Transformative Discussions
  • So much more!
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Included With This Mini-Course Are These Amazing Bonuses

Extended Support

Enjoy 16 weeks of group mentoring post-retreat to help you apply and integrate the 5D tools you've learned in your everyday "real life" in the 3D World.

Innovative Tools

Gain access to Emotional Intelligence Technology to analyze and understand your emotions through voice analysis, fostering deeper emotional intelligence for radical awareness and attunement. 

Direct Access 

Stay connected with me throughout the whole process.  Utilize both Voxer and Marco Polo for continued communication, guidance, and support.  

I'm In!

when you choose you- you choose everyone. Because they get the most vibrant, spectacular, sparkly version of you


Are you ready to enter the 5D?

This course is designed to make radical shifts in a short amount of time.


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Dedicate yourself to the process of healing and growth. Embrace the changes and challenges as you move towards a higher state of being.

Enter the 5D

Step into 5D living, where peace, joy, and alignment await. Experience a profound shift as you transcend the limitations of the 3D world.

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