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"When you choose you- you choose everyone.

Because they get the most vibrant, spectacular, sparkly version of you."





I guide individuals on a transformative journey from the 3D world of struggle to the 5D world of authenticity, abundance, connection, and joy. Through immersive experiences, I help people discover their true selves, embrace inner peace, and live a life filled with magic and meaningful connections. My mission is to inspire and support others in their journey to wholeness and Truth.

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Hello, my name is Wendy Bunnell. You might remember me from my real estate days or as a speaker at conferences.  But my life has transformed in ways you wouldn't believe. I used to follow society's rules: college, career, material things. Yet, despite achieving it all, I felt empty.  Three years ago, I turned inward, embraced my true self, and started living in the 5D world of authentic abundance. Now, I guide others on this transformative journey.

Want to know how I went from a life of struggle to one of deep connection and spontaneous joy? Click to read more aabout my story and how you can start your own journey.



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Entering the 5D Mini-Course

Enter the 5D reality of your most Authentic Self.

The space that your inner voice has been trying to tell you actually exists.

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Transformational Programs & Retreats 

Immersive 5D Retreats around the world.

All followed by 16-weeks of post-retreat group mentoring so you can truly integrate the information.  

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Goddess Yoga

Women coming together.  Dropping into themselves & their divine feminine. 

Think yoga & breathwork meet dance and sensual, somatic movement.

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Entering the 5D Mini-Course.


This course is designed to help you make radical shifts in a short amount of time...

How to call mountain to you, rather than climbing the mountain.  How to make magic & miracles part of your day-to-day

THE most powerful manifestation technique you can master!

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Be Inspired.

"Wendy's gift of illuminating a new way of being is made possible through her enthusiasm and embodiment of the practices she teaches. She truly is a Wise Wild Woman."

Allie Patterson

"Wendy has touched every facet of my life with her wisdom, support, and healing. I am eternally grateful for her loving presence... She has truly shown me the path to living a life filled with light, love, and endless possibilities."

McKenzie Johnson
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