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A Return to Wholeness 


Hi! I'm Wendy.


My name is Wendy Bunnell and I help find the patterns of disconnection and help others step into the world of unlimited possibilities and freedom. 

The patterns that seem to be preventing you from that next level of expansion and growth. 

I have been there. I felt stuck for decades in patterns that kept me in a loop of getting the same results. It didn't matter what book, program, or "expert" I hired, the results were never very significant. 

That is because they were not "my" system. I didn't know how to tap into the inner knowing and clarity because it was blocked by too much distraction, external noise, and programs and beliefs from the past. 

When you are connected to yourself, others, and the divine.....

You move into a life of UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES.

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Illuminate Your Essence 

Transformational Programs & Retreats 

 Imagine a Life Where...

  • You can co-create anything you choose
  • You have abundant energy and excess weight seems to fall off.
  • Money flows to you instead of you chasing it.
  • You have relationships that are healthy and are free of drama.
  • You have an inner "knowing" of who you are in this spiritual realm.


Learn How To...

  • Manifest like a boss
  • Have more while doing less
  • Love what is and feel content and peace
  • Have close relationships full of love and respect
  • Live the life¬†you've been dreaming of


I'm Ready

Entering the 5D World of...

Finances, Relationships, Connection, and Joy.

Experience A New Realm

Illuminate Your Mind

See the Truth behind the stories.  Open the channels of possibility

Awaken Your Heart

Feel for yourself what this new realm is like internally, in real time.  

Realize in Your Soul

Let yourself Become the Information.  Tap into your Truest Essence.

Experience The 5D

Step out of the struggle and into a  a beautiful life free of suffering.  

Let's Do This

It is your Birthright to Know & Embody these Principles.


It is simply Awakening & Remembering what they are.



Upcoming Retreats:


Financial Freedom Retreat

St. George, UT 
June 20-23, 2024

Sold Out!


Could money go from feeling frustrating and frenzied to instead fabulous, freedom, and fun?  

I am calling in eight individuals- men and women- who want to call in massive abundance that sticks.  A lifestyle that allows for rest and play- and beautiful surroundings too. One that is expansive, light, and joyous. Is that you?  

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Authentic Connection Retreat 

Mt. Shasta, CA
August 14-18, 2024

Couples, Singles, Friends, Parents + Children (Over 18)


Can you imagine having deep and fulfilling relationships in your life full of respect and support? Can you imagine having a circle of friends that have your back and allow you to be your truest version? Let's Take Your Relationships Into the Next Dimension!

Join us in the spiritual epicenter of one of the most unique locations in the world. You will FEEL something powerful by simply being here.  You will be pampered in luxurious surroundings.  Sacred grounds and incredible views.  Solace and quiet spaces of refuge.

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Joy & Pleasure Retreat 

October 12-19, 2024
Tuscany, Italy


You will Not Simply Learn Concepts at this Retreat.¬†¬†We'll¬†start with the Illuminated Mind so you can become aware of what is true and possible.¬†Then,¬†we'll continue by awakening your heart and ‚Äúfeeling‚ÄĚ the concepts integrate past the mind and into the body. Last, we integrate it into realizing it in our soul and becoming the information.

It’s a lot like riding a bike. 

I can tell you all day long how to ride a bike. Proper foot placement, bike safety, how to gaze with your eyes to keep balance etc. etc. But until you get on the bike and ride down the street with the wind blowing through your hair, and the sun shining on your back- you won‚Äôt know how it ‚Äúfeels‚ÄĚ to be on a bike.¬†¬†We will learn to embody and become the Information so it becomes your new program, new vibration, and new norm to call in abundance into your life.

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Divine Creation & Connection Retreat 

January 20-28, 2024
Ubud, Bali


Are you ready to create and manifest the world that is residing in your heart of hearts and deepest desires? This is the place where you learn to flow with the Creative Force of Life and connect deeply to the Divine.

This incredibly spiritual and sacred ground is like no other place in the world.¬†No other place helps you to ‚Äúfeel‚ÄĚ what yin energy feels like.¬†The feeling of trust, flow, and true creation energy.

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Illuminate Your Essence Retreats Keep on Giving

Extended Support

Enjoy 16 weeks of group mentoring post-retreat to help you apply and integrate the 5D tools you've learned in your everyday "real life" in the 3D World.

Innovative Tools

Gain access to Emotional Intelligence Technology to analyze and understand your emotions through voice analysis, fostering deeper emotional intelligence for radical awareness and attunement. 

Direct Access 

Stay connected with me throughout the whole process.  Utilize both Voxer and Marco Polo for continued communication, guidance, and support.  

I'm In!

Others'  Experience

""Wendy has touched every facet of my life with her wisdom, support, and healing. When Wendy came into my life, I was miserable, depressed, and honestly, terrified. She has truly been my guiding light through the darkest times. Her loving reminder, "But... is that true?" has been ingrained in my mind, constantly reminding me of my infinite worth and the limitless possibilities before me. Wendy has taught me to accept and nourish the ever-present divine guidance in my life. Her incredible guidance and the experiences she offers have directly led me to a blissful, successful life full of AUTHENTIC love, without fear and without stories. I am eternally grateful for her loving presence and the transformational change she has inspired within me. She has truly shown me the path to living a life filled with light, love, and endless possibilities within myself, within my relationships, and within our world."

-McKenzie Johnson 

"I gifted myself Wendy’s Bali 2024 Retreat for my 40th Birthday and although I knew it would be an amazing trip, the life changing experience I had has completely changed my relationship with myself because of the knowledge and tools she taught us. The healing experience was so good for my soul after a divorce and a really rough time in my life. It has changed the way I interact with the world around me and trickled into all of my relationships by adjusting the lense that I view people with. The permission I received to be 100% authentically me has led me to lead a much more intuitive life. I am still integrating everything I learned and can’t wait to observe over time the changes that take place. Wendy is a true gift to this world. Her nurturing energy made me feel so safe and seen. I am so incredibly grateful I took the leap and had the opportunity to experience her magic."  "

-Meghan Freeman

This is your opportunity to enter the world you've been searching for... 


I am looking for individuals who are ready for this life. I will walk you through each stage of understanding and guide you back to the connection that is yours for the taking. 





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