Truth And Dare

Daring to Live Your Truth in a Fake World

“The most loving thing we can do is live our truth and allow others the learning and growth they deserve by us being brave enough to do so."


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Grab Truth & Dare today and take your life with two hands. Hear your heart, turn off the fake world and live your truth, once and for all.  Self-help books sell you instructions. This book will help you create your own…

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Let Others Inspire You.

"I loved Wendy’s heart-wide-open writing. I felt like I was reading her personal journal. Even though my life’s story is different, I completely related to her on a soulful level. Her courage and vulnerability has motivated me to reach within, so I can embark on the amazing healing journey she has experienced."

Karyn, Amazon

"Wendy courageously shared her truth to help her readers come to terms with owning their own truths! In a filtered world, I am grateful for Wendy using this book to challenge us to quiet the noise, hear your heart and find the joy we deserve!"

Tara M Hopko
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