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Too Much Joy May 10, 2024

This week I experienced “too much” joy….


Can you experience too much joy or happiness?

I discovered something fascinating about this very thing. 

You see, I have had some of the best days of my life in the last month. 

Having moments of absolute connection with my best friend Dan and my inner circle.

I have had some of my biggest sales and financial successes. 

I have witnessed my clients breaking through past programming and reaching goals and...

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On Body Acceptance Apr 08, 2024

I chose to go completely natural about six months ago. 

No hair dye, no eyelashes, no spanx to improve my mommy gut.


It has been a deep practice into self love….

And it has been stretchy and uncomfortable and freeing and beautiful. 

So basically all the human emotions. 

You see- I was raised in a home where exterior looks were incredibly important. 

I remember 30 days after having my second baby- my father picking me and my baby up from the airport and...

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On Magical Moments Apr 07, 2024

…As I depart Denver from a visit with my incredible son and daughter in law, once again I am reminded that the most magical moments are the ones that aren’t planned. 

In my former self, I had to plan everything down the daily agenda because it helped my frazzled and overburdened nervous system to feel safe. 

But once I dialed that in, calmed and turned down the cortisol and adrenaline dump, I learned how to relax into the moment. 

As we navigated through Denver, my...

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On Doing The Work Apr 06, 2024

I had a discussion this morning with a friend I hadn’t talked to in a while. 

She said something that caught me off guard…

She said, “I am trying not to feel envy or jealousy about you, but it’s like you decided to become a coach and overnight you are hugely successful and bring all these people around the world and travel to all these exotic places…. And then you decide to put a festival together and “Poof” you create one.”

It was meant...

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