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#5d #flow #healing #journey #personaldevelopment #work Apr 06, 2024

I had a discussion this morning with a friend I hadn’t talked to in a while. 

She said something that caught me off guard…

She said, “I am trying not to feel envy or jealousy about you, but it’s like you decided to become a coach and overnight you are hugely successful and bring all these people around the world and travel to all these exotic places…. And then you decide to put a festival together and “Poof” you create one.”

It was meant as a complement, but it was interesting to see the perception behind this statement. 

I mean, she didn’t see the decade of personal development, certification programs, seven years of conference planning, speaking, and mindset coaching I did. . Or watched me as I read book after book tirelessly feeding my mind with the information that would eventually help me to do what I do today. 

She didn’t see me learn how to navigate businesses from the bottom and learn how to take it to the top. 

She didn’t see the countless tears, sleepless nights, and moments of absolute despair and hopelessness that I felt- preparing me and helping to know how to lead others through the same thing. 

She didn’t watch me walk through my terrifying fears of leaving every system I ever knew to have faith in the inner voice I was hearing finally. 

She didn’t see the inner journey back to myself to get me to learn how to bring the mountain to me instead of me climbing the mountain.

So yeah- the process is easy now. 

I do seem to flow and effortlessly bring these pieces together. 

But it was a journey to get there. A beautiful, stretchy, agonizing journey to get there. 

It is interesting to watch perception. 

Everyone has a story. There is always so much depth when you start to understand someone. 

I didn’t just get lucky. I didn’t just get a good hand of cards.

I decided to do something really daring and bold that most people won’t consider…..

I decided to trust myself so completely that I didn’t need the external voices or systems anymore. 

And that is when things started to actually get easy. 

And the most humbling part of this?? 

I get to show others how to do it too…….

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