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On Magical Moments

#flow #intuition #life #magic #nervoussystem #surrender Apr 07, 2024

…As I depart Denver from a visit with my incredible son and daughter in law, once again I am reminded that the most magical moments are the ones that aren’t planned. 

In my former self, I had to plan everything down the daily agenda because it helped my frazzled and overburdened nervous system to feel safe. 

But once I dialed that in, calmed and turned down the cortisol and adrenaline dump, I learned how to relax into the moment. 

As we navigated through Denver, my favorite magic moments were:

🔥🍸Deciding to go last minute up to the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park even though there was a high wind warning and we didn’t bring any coats. We ended up sitting by the old fireplace, viewing the place where the Shining was birthed, and sitting in an old bar lined with rich details and back lighting, sharing a drink with my whole family.

⛪️ 🌈 Going to a light and meditation show at a church in downtown Denver. Playing old games like Mrs. Pac Man in the basement while we waited our turn, and sitting in a chapel adorned with fluorescent paint. 

💆‍♀️ ✈️ Finding a Chinese masseuse on the way to the airport since we were running ahead of time, and getting one of the best massages of my life- even though the exterior seemed a bit sketchy LOL. 

Traveling has helped me learn so much…

Flowing with the current instead of treading upwards. 

Learning to listen to my gut and my heart and inviting my head to have a much needed rest in decision making. 

Life is beautiful. 

Life is rich.

Life is full of spontaneous synchronicities and miracles if we allow them to flow into our lives.

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