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Too Much Joy

#expansion #happiness #joy #nervoussystem May 10, 2024

This week I experienced “too much” joy….


Can you experience too much joy or happiness?

I discovered something fascinating about this very thing. 

You see, I have had some of the best days of my life in the last month. 

Having moments of absolute connection with my best friend Dan and my inner circle.

I have had some of my biggest sales and financial successes. 

I have witnessed my clients breaking through past programming and reaching goals and expansion that they used to only dream of in the past. 

So many wins.

So much expansion.

So much celebration.

So much joy….

So why was my joy ebbing into anxiety each time it would get to a “peak” state?

I sat with it and got very curious. 

And just like the aha came to me!

It is because I have never experienced that level of joy and therefore my nervous system doesn't believe it is safe. 

By hitting that wall of “capacity”, my biology reacted with stress and flight energy. 

This wall keeps us from everything we keep trying to find from the external world. The money, the connection, the peace, the joy and bliss. 

And since awareness is the antidote to suffering….I became very very aware. 

Because I deserve this level of joy. 

You deserve this level of joy. 

It is TIME to start reprogramming it to allow for massive expansion in all areas.

The TIME is now….

Who is with me? 

Let’s bust this wide open…..

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